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combined to speed up your applications.

Setting up your loan, evaluating credit worthiness, completing loan contracts, collecting all relevant documents—your work as a loan officer is not easy. Don't let these tasks slow you down. Let our team handle your applications and enjoy a faster closing process and improve your delivery time.

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Smooth, fast, and high-production mortgage processing

Services included that you will love:

All-Inclusive Processing

Don't let loan processing slow you down. We'll handle all your applications from Registration to Closing. This frees up your time, reduces your cost to serve, and improves delivery time!

Expert Loan Processing Team

With your designated team of loan processors, underwriters, and financial professionals, your applications are guaranteed to be reviewed thoroughly and delivered faster.

Powerful Tech Stack*

Get access to our wide range of tailored-made software for loan officers. Send rapid-fire messages to your team, improve productivity, track your sales, and so much more.

*Included at no additional cost. Requires 1 funded unit per month

We speed up your customer's homebuying experience and close loans in   as little as 6 days**  

Enjoy huge rebates with EquippedLO. Get $500 when your first file with us gets funded!*

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* Paid directly to you. Our rebate program is available to EquippedLO customers who open a Processing Account.


Experience the best end-to-end lending process. Our industry-trained loan processors, underwriters, technology, and automation speeds up the entire process and ensures you and your customer get the best mortgage experience.

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*$895 per funded file. Billable to the borrower on the Loan Estimate/Closing Disclosure.

**Average processing time is 15 days or less.

Offered in our Pre-Underwriting Service for as low as $39.95 per file