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EquippedUW is designed to provide fast, comprehensive, and certified pre-underwriting services. We offer thorough oversight and out-of-the-box solutions to trickier loan scenarios. Get your loan applications thoroughly reviewed and get full conditions list, income calculation breakdown, and more.

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Experienced Underwriter Staff

Decision logic

100% Transparency—get    behind-the-scene access to your underwriters' thoughts and opinions on your customers' qualifying factors. 

Full approval conditions list

Get full initial review quality conditions within 24 hours of the application being taken. Allows you to hunt down the conditional approval items prior to registration.

Solutions that work for you and your client

We provide lender, product, or program recommendation based on your customers' qualifications.

Pre-Approval Reports

Our comprehensive report provide in-depth detail of your customers' financial information and qualification for the loan. We present the most important information for your convenience.

Report that matches your brand

Speak your brand! We customize your report based on your brand, allowing you to use the file for marketing and presenting valuable information to customers and realtor partners.

 Download a sample of our beautifully designed pre-UW packet.   

Branded Pre-UW Packet
Standard Pre-UW Packet

At EquippedLO, we find out-of-the-box solutions to find the perfect place for your unique customers.

In the event there are no available options, our expert staff will provide guidance on the steps your customer can take to be successful the next time they apply.

How it works

Simply send us your


Our underwriting team will thoroughly sift through every application detail, ensuring completeness and reviewing uploaded documents.

We generate detailed reports and present important data to determine your client's loan eligibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is your underwriting service?

How much is your underwriting service?

Get your applications checked and reviewed by our seasoned underwriters for as low as $49 per file. We provide error-free and cost-effective underwriting service to busy loan officers like you. 

We offer massive discounts to your first three months of availment of our service. Plus, your first file is on us! If you love our service, we've got a variety of plans to suit your underwriting needs, and all provided with no contract commitment. Cancel at anytime.

See our Pricing page for more info.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

We understand the frustration of having to review applications and documents and the length of time it consumes. Our loan processors and underwriters, along with our technology and automation, speed up the entire loan process and guarantee fast approvals. 

This ensures you get the time you need to perform more important tasks—to spend more time growing your network and building relationships with clients.

With our pre-underwriting services, you'll get comprehensive reviews, full conditions list, income calculation breakdown, assets review, and more. We also assess what loan options your clients are best qualified for. This ensures you and your client get a smooth and easy transaction.

Need to ask more questions?

Need to ask more questions?

Do you want to learn more about our underwriting service? Feel free to reach us out via email or phone. 

Email:     austin@equippedlo.com

Phone:   (602) 715-5573